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Survival Stuff Firerope

  1. Survival Stuff Firerope

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Survival Stuff Firerope


Maximum firepower with minimum weight: that's the Survival Stuff Firerope.

As a true bushcraft adventurer, neither pelting rain nor strong winds will keep you from your outdoor adventure. And to keep it that way, the new Firerope from Survival Stuff is now available.

Weighing only 20 grams, it fits in the smallest corner of your backpack. When you set up camp, simply take it out, rub one end of the wick open, create the first spark with a Survival Stuff fire steel and the wick is lit - no matter what the weather!

Thanks to its wax layer, it catches fire again even if the wick has fallen into the water. In addition, when your fire is burning slowly, you can pull the wick out of the tube and use it as a blowpipe to specifically use your breath to light the fire. This makes the Firerope the perfect companion for your trip and a reliable fire starter.

You can also use the Survival Stuff Firerope as a torch. The 30 cm long wick burns very slowly (approx. 30 min burning time) and the heat-resistant material of the housing allows you to hold the rope like a torch. So you can still find your way in the dark. And when you don't need it any more, simply pull the wick into the tube. The fire of the wick goes out immediately and you can put the Firerope back in your backpack - it couldn't be easier!


Your advantages at a glance:

+ FIRES IMMEDIATELY - The natural hemp material is easy to ignite. Simply rub the rope a little, light a spark with a Survival Stuff fire steel and the Firerope will burn.
+ BEI WIND UND WETTER — Durch das in Paraffinwachs getränkte Hanfseil verhindern weder prasselnder Regen noch starker Wind das Entfachen des Feuers. Das Firerope brennt bei jedem Wetter.
+ ULTRALEICHT — Mit weniger als 20 Gramm Gewicht findet das Firerope Platz in jedem Rucksack, egal ob Bushcraft, Camping  oder Trekking. Auch das Seil lässt sich einfach zusammenfalten.
+ PARAFFIN HANFDOCHT — Der Docht besteht aus natürlichem Hanf, welcher mit einer Paraffinschicht überzogen wird. Somit  lässt er sich leicht aufrubbeln und fängt beim Anzünden direkt Feuer
+ HANDMADE — Jedes Firerope wird in Deutschland gefertigt. Von der Hülse, die aus Aluminium gedreht wird bis zum Hanfdocht, welcher eine Wachsschicht erhält, ist alles handgefertigt.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 20 × 6.5 × 2 cm

with engraving, without engraving


Norse, Viking, Luminari, Brush Script, Boston Traffic, Marker Felt

1 review for Survival Stuff Firerope

  1. Mowo -

    Burns immediately when rubbed on, I would buy again, I have already ordered a refill set.

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