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Since the end of 2019, we have taken a significant step towards sustainability and quality control. In previous years, we sourced our bushcraft products, such as fire steels, from the Far East. However, after extensive consideration, we decided to relocate the entire production to Germany, or more precisely, to Remscheid.

We have established a modern production facility in Remscheid, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC lathes and milling machines, lathes and laser systems. This technological equipment not only enables us to produce products of the highest quality, but also to do so extremely efficiently and promptly. This decision allows us to respond more flexibly to the needs of our customers while maintaining the high quality standards that characterise our brand.

To create even more transparency, we would like to emphasise that we source all the ingredients for our products in Germany. One example of this is our pine shavings, which come from the Black Forest. We use around 500 kg of this high-quality material every month. We also source our paracord from a renowned manufacturer in Germany, who produces it here locally. The only thing that does not come from Germany is our pure magnesium steel, which we source from Austria. Our axe is manufactured in Baden-Württemberg and the spruce wood for our fire steel handles comes from German forests. These conscious decisions allow us to support local industries and ensure that every component of our products meets the highest quality standards.

However, we would also like to emphasise that in the case of explicit production orders from customers that cannot be covered by our suppliers or where the budget is limited, we will source goods from other countries at the customer's request. We are always transparent and open to individual customer requirements.

In addition to this further development, we are pleased to announce that our team now comprises seven dedicated employees. Together, we are committed to producing first-class products with expertise and dedication.

Another milestone is our production for other renowned customers. This step contributes to the fact that fewer and fewer products in our industry are being sourced from the Far East. We see this not only as a positive development, but also as a confirmation of our commitment to local production and European craftsmanship.

Thank you for your trust in Survival Stuff - quality that is created with conviction and professionalism.

survival stuff production in remscheid

CNC lathe Gildemeister CTX310: Our Gildemeister CTX310 is a versatile CNC lathe. With its multiple axes, we can produce our Kubotane & Discovery handles.

Mikron VC500 3-axis CNC milling machine: The Mikron VC500 is our powerful CNC milling machine with three axes. This enables us to drill a large quantity of magnesium steels in a short period of time.

CO2 laser (four pieces) with 140x100cm work surface: Four CO2 lasers with a generous working area of 140x100cm enable precise cuts and engravings on various materials. Ideal for applying our logo to wood.

Fibre laser from Trotec (two pieces): Our Trotec fibre lasers set standards in performance and precision. They cut and mark metals and demanding materials efficiently and quickly. We use them to apply our logo to all metal products such as Kubotan, Discovery handles, Spark cans, etc.

WINTER CNC copying lathe Rotary + Flat type 1500-400: With our WINTER CNC copy lathe, we can produce three-dimensional workpieces precisely according to templates. The Rotary + Flat function extends the range of applications, ideal for fire steel handles made of wood such as our TANN.

Conventional milling machine OPTIMill MH 22VD: The OPTIMill MH 22VD is a solid conventional milling machine. Easy to operate and versatile for various milling tasks.

Conventional Alpha Harrison 400S Plus centre lathe (two units): Our Alpha 400S Plus conventional centre lathes and sliding headstock lathes are reliable machines for the precise machining of workpieces. Robustly built and flexible to use for a wide range of turning tasks.

We also have 3D printers that are used not only for jigs and fixtures, but also to manufacture and test products in advance. This enables us to ensure the quality and functionality of our products before they go into production. 


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